Damn The Expense – Untitled (160 plays)

As requested by my friend Erin.  I’m far from done but here’s some progress on a song.

Here’s a rough draft of some lyrics I’ve written for a song I’m working on. I’m hoping to have it all finished up soon. It’s not often that I write lyrics for my music so I’m hoping it all works out well.

Of all the times that I’ve been left alone,
None were ever done as coldly as you did to me
But still, in some weird fucked up way,
It really was you who set me free

On that night you and I kissed
You said that you loved me
You told me I would suffer
A one sided last kiss and you walked away

I never heard from you again.
I just did my best to live on
I fell into more holes I crawled out of some
But you sure were the hardest one of them all

Despite all of our fights
I hope you have a nice life
And I hope that no one
Treats you like you treated me.

Our double standards
They’re everywhere all the time.
We’ll never be freed. 

If only she knew
How I felt about her now.
Her stomach would curl.